Monday, July 29, 2013

Online Quiz 3 for Technology and Literature Students (Reading for Information and Details)

Read the article in this site . In your perspective, what skill should be given emphasis in English 1 and how should it be taught? Write your views in the comment box below on or before Aug. 4, 2013, Sunday, 9 p.m.


  1. Arcejoy S Villaflor AB literature 1a eve

    In my vista, i would steer that the listening skill should be given the most emphasis in English 1 for I think that this skill is where few students found difficulty in a way that learners in tertiary level are undeniably pre occupied by the other side of the college world which is the "happenings" Gala,Barkadas and etc. . Their attention is asunder into different things that is why during class hours they find difficulty in listening . In my opinion, the teaching for these skill would be more effective when it is taught in a manner that you would really captivate their attention. Doing it in a way that the students could jive with the activity including those things where the teenagers today are mostly involved and of course in fun way. And lastly i would just like to suggest that hopefully the teacher would not intimidate the students by their strong approach with the use of complicated vocabularies in English and other things that would build excruciating feelings to the students.

    1. Well taken, Mr. Arcejoy. Thank you for having been observant in the class.

  2. Balinan, Marven D.
    ABLiterature-1A (Eve)

    In my avow, Reading should be given the most emphasis. Because, many of us now is very poor in comprehension. Reading is very important because by this, we can learn a lot of undiscovered things that we don't even know yet. Teachers should taught it by the way of giving the students a reading activity, giving them the ways of understanding the certain text, and also the comprehension. Reading will be useless without comprehension. Because you read and read there but you didn't understand what you're reading. As what in the theory stated, teachers should give students about skills in problem solving. By apprehending, students would answer easily the problems in the text because they understand it already. So, I advocate that teachers should not complicate the minds of his/her students, for the students will have difficulties in that kind of approach. Reading is important also to me, because I am a Literature student. And Reading is fun, especially when you start reading.

  3. Sheryl Abenoja
    AB LIT. 1A evening

    As i have observed in our english class and even the previous class i attended, "SPEAKING" skills is the hardest one. This area should be given an extra emphasis more. I admit, it is also hard for me to speak in fluent english too. Students usually have their good ideas and answers to questions and during discussion. But the problem is that ,us students still find it hard to explain our ideas in a good and proper way that teacher or listener can get it the way we want them to. Most students have this problem of how to deliver the ideas and opinions in mind.
    Speaking should be practice inside the class or even inside the campus, so that we will be able to exercise our speaking skills. Teachers must also be aware of that. A student who easily get an idea but if able to deliver or explain properly, usually comes unnoticed.

  4. Clarisse M. Palua

    In my observation during my class now and before during my high school days,the reading and speaking skills must be given emphasis.Reading because sometimes,I admitted the fact that there are some English words that we are not so familiar and we don't know whats the real pronunciation.And there are times also that while we are reading we don't understand what we read.Speaking has a big part too, because,I know that we,as a students are not so fluent in speaking English.Example while we are in our English class,some of us has our own ideas or answers about the question but the problem is that we don't know how to express our ideas in English language.That's why I suggest to those teachers who teaches English subject that they should understand our situation.That they should teach us well.And hope that the will give us more patience that we are so hard to thought .


    When I was in high school, my main problem in English are speaking and writing. It is hard to me because, I can't speak straightly in English language. I hope that in English 1 class the teacher should teach as well in this skill so by the time comes this skill is becoming easy to me to use.

  6. Floremar Celis BA-1B

    There was a girl who is mute , working in a company. One day, one her co-worker harassed her. So she decided to report it in their head of the company. But then again , the head of company didn't do anything about it. So she decided to ask some help to her friend. And then they decided to pass a complain in the hall of justice. A court trial come, and after the trial the judge decided, the compliant win the trial which is the mute and the one who is being complain lost the trial.

    In this situation,no one in each one of us should not hurt or harassed just because of you have a disability. With the use of language you have the power to regain your rights as a human being. :)

  7. codenira, hazeljoy
    For we must focus in listening skills, because of the student are not in their mind in the time of discussion, so it should given emphasis by our teachers for us also to understand our lesson, and also when you are listening to the discussion you also react or ask some question for to understand it more, when you know how to listen you can easily understand the lesson that your teacher's want you to understand.

    Specially in reporting you must listen to the reporter carefully for to understand his/her lesson and also you clarify all those things that you is not right, so for we must emphais the listening skills.

  8. Among four skills i prefer to give emphasis on speaking. Speaking has a vital role in English communication.The other three you can do alone, on your own, without anyone else. You can listen to the radio alone. You can read a book alone. You can write a letter alone. But you can't really speak alone. Through speaking we may gain the proper usage of English grammar.That is why you should make every effort possible to find somebody to speak with.As a student, English has to be mastering by people who wants to wider their space of communication. We must be eager to learn speaking English in order that we may no longer have hard time because I myself have problem in speaking English especially during our English class. Teachers must give consideration for students who can't speak English fluently and give advice to students to use English language to practice or exercise our speaking.Another important strategy when teaching English is to have your students practice common phrases until they feel completely comfortable with those phrases.

    Hannah mae O. Erat

  9. Aljen B.Villegas
    1st.Yr.AB LIT.evening

    In my own observation the skill should be given emphasis in english 1 is the speaking why because many of us has poor in english speaking,and it should be taught properly.First determine what kind of speaking skills will focus on,needs include observation of learners carrying out of different kinds of communicative task.And also identify teaching strategies to teach most of all it should be taught grammatically and know the meaning of it to understand what they want to emphasize.

  10. Aubrey P. Laude AB Lit-1Aeve

    For me, listening skills should be given emphasis because not all of us are good listeners, although all of us know how to listen but there are some who don't know how to apply, reflect and can't stand to pay attention for a long time. Listening skills should be taught in an entertaining manner so that students will not get bored while listening and they will pay attention for a long time for teenagers like us easily get bored.

    A good listener is a good speaker, good communicator and a good leader.

  11. Rommel C. Ongcay BIT-Elc

    Base on my own experience and some from what I read, what the students need are listening and reading skills, for these skills will be the key in opening the door to speaking and writing skills. It is because you cannot speak and write if you do not have enough knowledge and ideas in your specific topic, which you can only get from listening and reading. Therefore, listening and reading are the first steps in having an ideal mindset which is very essential in English subject.

    Listening should be taught in an enthusiastic and well defined manner. Acquiring the listeners attention is also a must.

    Reading must be taught indiscriminately. All students need to read whatever there capabilities are. The techniques of reading must also be learned by the students.

  12. Lester G. Ganir
    BIT- Elec1

    For me it depends on the learner on how she/he learns preferably. But based on my experience not just on the English subject but also in some other subject I learned best through VIEWING and READING. I can easily understand and memorize a certain topic through visual. It helps me to stimulate more idea and terrible thoughts. Also I prefer to read than the other macro skills. I easily catch the idea or I learn best through silent reading. It helps my sleeping thoughts and idea awaken. I used to relate the topic quickly through it. But I believe that as a learner we must practice not only the skills that you are preferred to because sometimes the strategy of the teacher doesn't meet your forte skills. There are many students/learner in a classroom and they have different learning style. Teacher don’t focus on a certain skills for his/her student to learn best.


  13. Al R. Manib
    AB-lit 1A(evening)

    All of this are important, but for me, i choose SPEAKING, because speaking is one of the important for student not only for student but also for all people and it is one of the students problems. Speaking is a way to communicate each other and to express our suggestion and comment in that certain situation, but some of us couldn't speak in english because it's not easy to construct a sentence, and i want to improve my speaking skills in english.I hope sir that you help me to improve my speaking skills not only me but also my classmates.. And i hope also that there is more activities related in speaking.

  14. sheila mae l. cansino

    On my opinion,As we all know, reading , writing , speaking , listening & viewing is very important in our lives especially in terms of LEARNING OR GAINING KNOWLEDGE ..

    READING helps us a lot in terms of acquiring ideas , opinions , instructions & informations ..

    WRITING helps us to express our feelings & opinions ..

    SPEAKING to communicate .

    VIEWING to grasp different ideas via looking on a particular statements or pictures ..

    THEY HAVE DIFFERENT roles in our daily lives,
    But as of now , we need to further give more emphasis to LISTENING SKILLS,Because if you are a gooD listener YOU can always attain good conversations ,you will learn more & before commenting or saying wHAT you want to say , you must be careful enough, grasp more informations & make sure that you are not just only listening , you must also understand each words that came from the mouth of the speaker ..

    AND if you are a good LISTENER you are also a good speaker ..
    ESPECIALLY, to the students like me , we need to always LISTEN to our teachers , because that"s our main problem in class..

    that"s all ..
    GODBLESS! :)

  15. The skill should be given emphasis in English 1 is "Reading". It should be taught in a way that the students would be able to understand the things they read by letting them read stories, poems, etc., after that, they shall express their ideas about the text and what did they understand about it. They can do it in many ways like writing, oral, role play, etc. In this way, they will learn to "Read" in their own style, their analyzing and understanding skills will also increase.

    Kim Howel R. Espiritu
    BIT - ELX 1
    Aug 4 2013 07:00 pm

  16. Jessibel T. Dagsuan
    AB-Lit 1A (evening)

    English subject practice not only in the views of learning but also with the importance of communication. Those 5 skills that has mentioned played such a big role in the industry of communication and really need a big attention. I believe with the statement says "WRITING is a skill that needs to be practice all the time" because writing for me always take a risk or should I call it as an output of every person's point of view. Although speaking and writing are the same in terms of expressing something to anyone but I'II stand that WRITING is the skills among the 5 must be enhance first. Most people rely on writing because they can't express themselves well through speaking and again, we could always blame the language as a potential barrier of speaking same as the area of writing skills. What I am trying to emphasize here is that how can we express whatever we want to say from what we see if the skills of writing did not practiced well? If you are not good and not excelling in writing, reader's can't see the point of your writings at all which results to uselessness of reading skills and sadly, comprehension wasn't there anymore. What if the reader needs to understand and express their thoughts verbally about what you are written? How can they do that ? It might really hard for them to do that well through speaking because they did not understand you anyway. If the deliveration of speaking skills will not properly act and performed, the skills of listening is really affected at all. See? practice should start in the skills of writing and with this particular skills, this should be practice with correct spelling and proper grammar as well.

  17. Gepe Rose R. Alvero
    AB lit1-Aeve

    In my own perspective, that five skills(listening,reading,writing,speaking, and viewing) have its significant role to each student whose eager to learn but I wanted to emphasis more on READING SKILLS. Honestly, I have a poor reading comprehension but now I am starting to love read books because by this skill you cannot only learn or discover new things but you can also starting to enhance the 4 consecutive skills like speaking(by using the new discovered words),listening(you can easily to comprehend by just reading it in your mind),writing(using unfamiliar words in a poem),and viewing(can widen your imagination).

    I guess, it is more eager to learn with much fun! :)

  18. Learning is a choice which depends upon the person's receptivity, and for me, the teacher should always be able to practice the effective, and appropriate way of turn taking the student's attention, and because of that, the student's will gonna make an effort to learn of what the teacher is teaching. By teaching them constantly through speaking is an effective way to hone their learning skills.

    Alemania, Dexter L.
    BIT - ELX 1st

  19. The skill that should be emphasized is reading because it is the most basic way of learning.As young as 3 yrs. old, kids are taught letter sounds and how to incorporate them to form a word that makes up a sentence that has a complete thought. Through reading students use their cognitive skills to understand what they are reading.Reading may not be that easy for everyone but with the contextual clues readers get the gist of what they are reading.

  20. Mabalhin, Paolo Jose I.
    BIT- Electrical

    For me i Choose SPEAKING & READING Skill's, because not all student they did not understand the Speaking & Reading English, So not understanding words speaking and reading English , you learn from your teacher to teach how speak and reading English ..Example like's English READING book's ,you reading book not understand the writing in the book's, it because you is did not learn how to understanding English.Speaking & Reading is very important because you need it.. Example interview in the company you SPEAKING in English, because it using in the any customer..So SPEAKING & READING in English is very important.we need to always LISTEN to our teachers , because that"s our main problem in class. So I hope SIR that you help me to improve my speaking & reading skills not only me but also my classmates.


  21. Ybanez, Vinice Lorraine V.
    AB Lit1-Aevening

    In my own perspective all of these skills are important especially if we really want to learn. SPEAKING, READING, WRITING, LISTENING and VIEWING, these 5 skills are all important to the society and even in the world of academics. I think it depends upon the student if in what way does He/She tries to understand some points.

    For me, the READING SKILLS should be given more emphasis. Frankly speaking, I really have difficulties in reading comprehensions. Encountering words that are so unfamiliar, it stirs my brain >.< but right now I'm doing things that can help me enhance my Reading comprehension.

    I think students should practice reading books such as stories, novels, poems and many more for them to practice their analytical skills and for them to enhance their comprehension. I think students should also learn how to scan dictionaries for them to understand those unfamiliar words that they can encounter.

    They should also practice their listening, writing, viewing and speaking skills it can help a lot to increase their knowledge and for them to learn more.

  22. in my own opinion we should practice listening because if you master listening skill you can easily learn and understand anything that we need to know . listening is a very important skill because when you talk to someone we need to listen to who is the one talk to us.

    So we should practice listening skill .!!

    Diego, Ryan James M

  23. Grace C. Vallente
    AB-lit 1Aeve

    All of the skills play an important role in the ENGLISH WORLD ,
    but i must prefer in READING, because when you read a lot of ideas ,information's to gain with and also to discover new difficult words to understand.

    And this is the time you will develop your COMPREHENSION SKILLS on what you are reading for .

    Everyone can read but few were comprehend .

  24. Those theories namely reading,speaking,writing,listening and viewing are very important especially in learning English because,through reading we can learn a lot of things.It helps me to broaden my English vocabulary.Reading is very important and it helps us to gain more knowledge especially in comprehension.

    So we should read,in order for us to improve our reading skills and to learn more about comprehension.

    Princess Mae Hudieres

  25. Jennilyn G. Roda
    ABLIT 1Aeve

    For me READING , WRITING and LISTENING are the important characteristic of a person in gaining knowledge in every aspect of learnings . But most commonly problems of the student is LISTENING . Yes some of us are good in analizing and communicating or sharing ideas to others but the hardest thing to do is "listening attentively" . I know all of us we encounter like this situation , most of the causes are ; talking to seatmates , texting ,
    mentally absenses and etc.. these are the reason why we cannot focus to listen to our teacher /speakers . ;(
    a teacher having a big role , that is their task to give an effort , strategies just to make sure that the listeners catch the attention what are talking too .
    And as a student we need to enhance and practice our skills to be more broaden & bolder our learnings .

  26. In my assumption , LISTENING,SPEAKING skills should be given the most emphasis in teaching english 1 because we student cant deny the fact that in this skills we found difficulty .
    In listening student find difficulties because there are many temptations and distractions surrounds us like cellphone , friends , and many students not easily get bored . I hope teachers should do a strategy that they can catch attention of their students and make an activity that all students can relate so that they can enhance that skills .
    SPEAKING is very important because with this we can communicate and can express selves to others . the teachers should give attention to students to improve their communicating skills by giving activities that they can learn how to pronounce it well .

    Janelle Shannon Juariza
    ABLIT 1Aeve

  27. Xandra Lean Luceñara

    All skills are important but in my own opinion, as a freshmen, English 1 should emphasis the writing skills of the student. Being a college student grammars must be fix. Writing is also a tough job. As it was written there that “A simplistic view of writing would assume that written language is simply the graphic representation of spoken language…” (Brown, 2001:335). Students must be trained through writing 1st so they can easily express their thoughts and the other thing is that their confidence must be develop.

    Teachers/professors should get their attention so students can follow in their topic. Manner must be taught too so students will have discipline in all aspects.

  28. Jejanie Mae Francisco

    For me all the skills that had mentioned are important,we can use all of those in our daily lives especially in finding jobs.Entering college life was the stage of setting those erroneous thing especially in language, writing and speaking are important to be developed because it can help us to be successive in many ways.Reading can build more our vocabulary skills so students must practice reading different kinds of books.

  29. Cristine marie l. Padua
    ABlit1a eve

    Listening,writing,and speaking are the important skills that you have to been encounter in our studies and that skills will take achievements in life. after that skills you can write and read all what you have understand from the teachers you have take that skills will lead you more to be responsible for the things you will encounter in daily activities.

    students must participate in many ways they can do in that skills. we are very blessed to have both skills if we will take importance to it.

  30. Paknorric Edgar E. Ballera
    AB-Lit1A (Evening)

    We all know that listening,speaking reading,writing and viewing are important to learn about because we can use this in our daily cycle.But for me the skill that should be given emphasis by the teacher is speaking.Speaking this skill has an important role to us because in this skill we can express our feelings,thoughts and it is use for communicating people.In my observation in our class in English 1 when the teacher asks a question most of us knows the answer but the problem is we cant express what were trying to say on that particular thing its because we find it hard and also were afraid to be ungrammatical.The teacher should teach or train his/her students to voice out their opinions without doubting what they are trying to say.I'm hoping and expecting a lot to you Sir that you will help us to solve this kind of problem .
    That's all :)))

  31. Reymart Cepe
    BIT - ELX

    A good reader is a good writer and a good listener is a good speaker,and vice versa.All of these aspects are important in English.But in my own perspective,I will give emphasis on reading.It is because reading helps us a lot,it can broadens one imagination and sharpens it.When you are reading,you are also gathering data’s and informations that you can use and can helps you a lot.As you read you must also comprehend,it is important to understand what you are reading because that makes it significant.
    If you were just reading without understanding,it is just like you were eating without chewing.All of these can be acquired,just have a heart that desires to learn and accept something new.Strive hard,never let failures take you down.Do your best and you’ll gonna be proud of what you have done.

  32. In this article its shows all the theories in teaching listening,speaking,reading,writing, the 5 theory i prefer speaking,beacause im not good in speaking so i want to enhance and learn more about in this theories.and also why i choose speaking because their are lot of student not good enough in speaking in english.. BIT_ELC STUDENT ,,,,,<<...

  33. BIT-elc student>bryan damayo>..In this article its shows all the theories in teaching listening,speaking,reading,writing, the 5 theory i prefer speaking,beacause im not good in speaking so i want to enhance and learn more about in this theories.and also why i choose speaking because their are lot of student not good enough in speaking in english..